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I have done a lot of research on writing and being a writer in the past few months.
In that time, I have learned an amazing amount from those who are willing to help others with their knowledge. I have enjoyed reading their blogs, subscribed to their newsletters and read the free eBooks and other Free gifts that they have graciously sent.
In all of this Totally Free and wonderfully easy to read content, I have learned to accept myself for what I am - an amazing writer, while learning how to better hone my writing skills.
If you are struggling and need a little personal inspiration, I  have compiled a list of my favorite blogs below. (I am not affiliated with any of them, I just want to share what I have found!)
I signed up for each one of the newsletters I suggest below and so far that I have noticed, my inbox hasn't been flooded over with emails from them.  :)
I will soon be adding specialty blogs (i.e. Mystery and Thriller themed blogs) to this list. I look forward to delving deep into the dark and terrifying!
As I find interesting and helpful blogs, I will add them below, so come back soon and check for new ones!

www.mudpiewriting.com A fun blog for the serious writer. Having a hard day? Be sure to visit Marcy's Whinery! I have used when at my lowest and it really did improve my writing! Her Free eBook has helpful information in it, so don't forget to download it!

www.positivewriter.com Another amazing blog I just recently found. I love Bryan Hutchison's content, which is quite varied and he hosts amazing contests from time to time. He also gives a Free eBook to newsletter subscribers. I would definitely recommend checking out his blog, The Positive Writer and subscribing to his newsletter!

www.goinswriter.com A great blog that talks about everything from blogging to self-publishing. Interested in Free stuff? When you sign up for his newsletter, Jeff gives you instant access to an amazing amount of helpful, interesting, free gifts - including a free eBook!

www.writetodone.com I enjoy this blog as it covers many subjects and has writing challenges you can participate in.
Mary's blog not only has great content, but she has managed to make learning interesting and sports guest writers as well as her own interesting advice. Write To Done also has cool contests worth entering!

Entering Contest = Putting Yourself Out There = New Found CONFIDENCE In Your Writing

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