Monday, August 25, 2014

New Post Coming Soon!

I am currently busy trying to meet a deadline, but I will be posting my first article soon!
So, please watch for it!

A little about Writing with Raven Snow:
I created this blog page to help struggling Writers overcome obstacles by giving them the tools and resources to help them become the Best Writer they can be!  


  1. Hi Raven Snow,

    First things first, your blog is Great! Hope your first post comes soon.
    I'am an author from Germany and your background - photo is written in German, with old-fashioned letters.
    What I want you to ask, do you like books like this (german language) or just liked the photo?



    1. Tom,
      Thank you for the comment!
      I actually was attracted to the background because it was so unique. Thanks for identifying the letters! My Grandfather was German and tried (lightly) teaching me his home language. I didn't learn enough before he died, sadly.
      So, being an author, do you mind telling me what you write?


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